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Clemco Apollo 600

The Apollo 600 has new features making it comfortable to wear, easier to maintain, and more durable, promising a long service life.

  • Heavy-duty shell – with replaceable acoustic foam pads.
  • Air baffle – delivers a generous amount of air to the operator’s head and face area.
  • Suspension mounted to the shell – with a convenient, knob-style adjustment mechanism that adjust to fit a broad range of sizes.
  • Replaceable inlet fitting – on the upper rear of the helmet extending the service life of the helmet.
  • Secure attachment band – wraps around the bottom rim of the helmet shell and easily fastens with a ratchet style buckle.
  • Replaceable window latch – is screw mounted and easily replaced without danger of damaging the helmet shell.
  • Integral 1” deep visor – on the top and side of the red window frame to keep out dust and abrasive from between the lenses.
  • Extra-long window frame - to protect the top of the cape from exposure to abrasive rebound.
  • 3-lens system – with the outermost perforated tear-away lenses to speed the way to clear vision during the blasting operation and an intermediate lens to provide additional sealing and to protect the durable fixed inner lens from premature wear.

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