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Airline Filter Replacement Cartridges

When using a compressor to produce your Grade ā€œDā€ breathable air you will need an Airline Filter to remove moisture and particulates from your air supply. OSHA does not require the airline filter to be the same manufacturer as your helmet, but you will need to make sure the airline hose has the correct fittings into the airline filter to ensure proper air flow into the helmet.

Remember to replace your airline filter cartridge on a regular basis to ensure you're are removing all the moisture and particulates possible from your air supply.




Air filter replacement cartridge (flanged style) fits



  • Radex/NOVA
  • Bullard (#41AF)
  • Empire (#504682)
  • Abec (232-2145)
  • P & G


Air filter replacement cartridge fits


  • Clemco (#03547)
  • Abec (#232-2069)
  • Indian



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