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Speciality Nozzles

BCS Industrial offers a wide variety of speciality nozzles for all your special blasting needs. From nozzles designed to give a wider blast pattern to angle nozzles designed to get into those tight spots. BCS Industrial has a nozzle available for your needs.

The double venturi offers a 35% larger blast pattern than a standard long venturi with only a very slight loss in abrasive velocity. Designed to be used on jobs where medium cutting action is required with a more even dispersion of abrasive throughout the larger blast pattern. Excellent for plastic or agricultural abrasives.

The new fan blast nozzle is designed for even distribution of abrasive over the entire rectangular blast pattern. Eliminating hot spots and reducing abrasive consumption.

The Square Shooter blast nozzle production rate is faster than the conventional long venturi high production nozzles. The square Shooter nozzle requires only a 10% to 20% overlap as compared to a long venturi nozzle which requires a 50% overlap. This increase results in abrasive savings due to less abrasive consumption as well as productivity savings.
These nozzles are excellent for getting inside tight places like bridge lattice, behind flanges, or inside pipe. Angel nozzles are available in tungsten carbide, boron carbide, and ROCTEC® featuring long life outputs between 0° and 125° relative to the input opening. Available in single, double ,triple and quadruple outlets.


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