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Pirate Brand Remote Controls

Abrasive blasting equipment must be controlled by the operator with a remote control system, commonly know as a deadman. This allows the operator to start and stop the blasting at the nozzle and not have to manually shut the blast pot off. Also, the remote control will stop the blasting if the operator drops the hose and nozzle, keeping the operator and others in the area safe.

Remote controls can either be electric running off 12V DC or 120V AC or pneumatic. Electric remote controls are recommended for blasters using more than 100 feet of blast hose or operators blasting outside when temperatures are below freezing.


Electric Controls

  888-2263-401PB Handle, Control, Electric #2
  888-2263-401-01PB Handle, Control, Electric #2 w/Plug
  888-2263-401-02PB Handle, Control, Electric #2 w/sealed connector(Required for steel abrasives)
4 888-2263-001-08PB
  888-2263-400PB Handle, Control, Electric
  888-2263-400-01PB Handle, Control, Electric w/Plug


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