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NOVA 2000 Respirator

The NOVA 2000 respirator was designed by blasters for the blasting professional.  The NOVA 2000 offers more comfort, less fatigue and improved productivity!

  • Air duct distribution system - to evenly move air throughout the helmet and prevent lens from fogging.
  • Lightweight pillow foam padding - for a comfortable fit that also reduces outside noise.
  • Large, double lens - to optimize vision without irritating side glare with optional tear-off lenses you can tear off one at a time.
  • Super tough helmet shell - made of high density polyethylene, U.V. stabilized and characteristically abrasion resistant.
  • Multi layered sound deadening foam – you’ll enjoy wearing a helmet that reduces outside ear piercing noises to a minimum.
  • Strong attached cape – eight stud domes ensure the cape stays on.
  • Abrasion resistant cape cover band – seals the cape and prevents abrasive from entering the helmet.
  • Snug detachable inner cape – made of soft breathable fabric to allow air flow down your neck while maintaining positive pressure in the helmet to keep out contaminants.

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